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Urgent vocations
Position: Master
Payment: from 13500
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem
DWT: 75358
Date: 15.06.2017
Position: Ch.Off
Payment: 10500
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem Tanker
DWT: 160000
Date: 25.08.2017
Position: El.eng
Payment: 6800
Ship type: Crude Oil Tanker
DWT: 100000
Date: 20.08.2017
Position: 3 Off
Payment: 4000
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem Tanker
DWT: 160000
Date: 10.06.2017
Position: Ch.Eng
Payment: 13000
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem tanker
DWT: 110000
Date: 30.06.2017
Position: 2 eng
Payment: 10000
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem tanker
DWT: 15000
Date: 19.06.2017
Position: 3 eng
Payment: 4900
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem tanker
DWT: 52000
Date: 25.06.2017
Position: Chief Off
Payment: 7000
Ship type: Bulk Carier
DWT: 20000
Date: 15.07.2017
Position: Master
Payment: 9000
Ship type: Bulk Carrier
DWT: 20000
Date: 15.08.2017
Position: Electrical Engineer
Payment: 0
Ship type: LPG (Fully pressurized\Semi-refrigerated\Fully refrigerated)
DWT: 10000
Date: 28.08.2017
Position: Engine Cadet
Payment: 500
Ship type: Bulker
DWT: 0
Position: Engine Cadet
Payment: 500
Ship type: Bulker
DWT: 0

Shipping agency

HR policy

The main objective of this policy is to ensure that on all ships under our management have competent crews who fully understand their roles and responsibilities and who are capable of working as effective teams.

We has established procedures to ensure that the personnel are properly qualified to perform their duties with regard to safety and environmental protection.

Particular attention is given to the recruitment and training of new personnel, to the training of personnel transferred to new assignments and to the training necessary to maintain their qualifications.

Newly recruited personnel are to be given clear instructions regarding the tasks and duties assigned to them.

In particular, Masters and Chief Engineers and officers shall acquire the necessary understanding of the : applicable rules, regulations, codes, guidelines and standards recommended by International Maritime Organization, Administration, Classification Societies, Maritime and Oil Transport Industry and effectively implement it on board ships and to instruct the shipboard personnel.

Procedures have been established to ensure that Officers and crew joining the ships receive appropriate instructions/training to ensure familiarisation with the ship, its equipment and the tasks that they have been assigned.

Verifies, as far as practical, that the certificates of competency are not fraudulently obtained, are valid and pre-employment records are up to date.

Verifies medical fitness of seamen at the time of employment and on an ongoing basis thereafter.

Ensures that all officers are able to use the English language sufficiently in oral and written form. Ship’s personnel, other than officers, are able to comply with orders and reply in the English language.

Senior officers should have the appropriate experience and training in the particular type and size of the ship joined .