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Urgent vocations
Position: Master
Payment: from 13500
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem
DWT: 75358
Date: 15.06.2017
Position: Ch.Off
Payment: 10500
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem Tanker
DWT: 160000
Date: 25.08.2017
Position: El.eng
Payment: 6800
Ship type: Crude Oil Tanker
DWT: 100000
Date: 20.08.2017
Position: 3 Off
Payment: 4000
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem Tanker
DWT: 160000
Date: 10.06.2017
Position: Ch.Eng
Payment: 13000
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem tanker
DWT: 110000
Date: 30.06.2017
Position: 2 eng
Payment: 10000
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem tanker
DWT: 15000
Date: 19.06.2017
Position: 3 eng
Payment: 4900
Ship type: Oil/Gas/Chem tanker
DWT: 52000
Date: 25.06.2017
Position: Chief Off
Payment: 7000
Ship type: Bulk Carier
DWT: 20000
Date: 15.07.2017
Position: Master
Payment: 9000
Ship type: Bulk Carrier
DWT: 20000
Date: 15.08.2017
Position: Electrical Engineer
Payment: 0
Ship type: LPG (Fully pressurized\Semi-refrigerated\Fully refrigerated)
DWT: 10000
Date: 28.08.2017
Position: Engine Cadet
Payment: 500
Ship type: Bulker
DWT: 0
Position: Engine Cadet
Payment: 500
Ship type: Bulker
DWT: 0

Shipping agency

About us

The Black Sea Agency was constitute in 2005 and established at Odessa (Ukraine). The company started out dealing with Ukrainian Ports going in the direction of providing different sectors and areas of activity, by working directly with Seafarers and Shipowners.

The BSA have started an intense activity in field of recruitment Seafarers in 2016, having all necessary permission documents, certified and government licensed.

As a young, developing company among the priorities we emphasize our adverse to corruption(monkey buissines). Our reputation and quality of provided services are very important for us. This bodes well for positive and continuous collaboration.

Using our own resources (marine data base : Officers & crew of all ranks experienced to work aboard container vessels, general cargo, bulk carriers , tankers , LPG/c , chemical tankers(all types of vessels ) We provide only the best candidates , those who are identified and meet the requirements and standards of the modern marine industry.

We are always glad to cooperate with good qualified Seafarers for long term cooperation.

Our highest priority is the maintenance and preservation the business’s values of our clients, we are reliable business partner that always delivers what is promised.

Our efforts are directed to provide our principals with high quality services, always in time and in full compliance with all requirements as office staff consist of specialist well qualified for their work in this segment.